What to Say to Women

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 So what do you have to say during the first date? Do you have to ask if she is a virgin? Do you have to ask about her job? Do you have to be funny for her to like you? Or do you have to put on a straight face for her to take you seriously? Here are some tips on what to say to women.

What to say to women during the first date?

What to say to women

Greet her with something. A simple hello and a rose would make the conversation easier to start. Use every little detail about her to your advantage. If she loves lilies rather than roses then bring her lilies instead or if she is the reading type of girl then you can give her a book of her favorite author or a book that you think she might actually like. It doesn’t matter if she already has read the book, what matters most is that you have actually exerted effort to give her something. You might just be surprised on how she will appreciate you thoughtfull gesture.

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Try to be polite. Open the door for her and let her have your coat when she feels cold and say things that are funny and intelligent. Manners also matter, so if you have something to say but you are chewing something inside your mouth, better wait for it to be swallowed. You might regret having that piece of meat on your plate again if you push on talking to her.

Compliment her appearance. Acknowledging her efforts would be very much appreciated and remembered by the lady. She will forever be grateful to you and how you actually saw how she anticipated on looking for your first date. Ask about her. Let her know you are interested but do not overdo it. Do not make her feel as if your date is a job interview.

A backup plan in case your plan didn’t work would certainly be less hassle for the both of you. Do not let your night be ruined because the restaurant you are planning to bring her to is closed for the night. Have a back up plan and do let it ruin her perfect hair and dress just because you fail to think of something else to do.

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What to say to women to earn a second date?

To earn a second date, you should always compliment women and try to stay interested. Be confident with yourself and be confident with her, get to know her and let her get to know you as well. Be a gentleman, be respectful and be courteous. Nobody wants to date an asshole.

You would not eventually know that you are on for a second date. It takes time and let her decide whether she wants to see you again or not. If you do not have feedback after a week then it is time to meet someone new. Do not be pushy and do not be creepy. All in all what to say to women is a combination of nice thoughtful things and straight forward things that show her you are a man in charge.



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