Tips on How to Approach Women


Tips on How to approach women

approach womenBe it in a club or in a subway or in a coffee shop, these steps would surely make you approachable around women and easy to talk to.

Smile, this is a very common thing to do; it even works even if you are not looking for a date. Always smile when you approach women. You should not forget to smile in order to let women know that you are glad to see them or to even talk to them. People never notice the mean face that they carry around. Women are very much insecure, so if you are walking around with a serious face she may think that you are not interested. You need to always crack a smile when you see a woman. This will let her know that you are open to conversation.

How to approach women anywhere


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  • Use your sense of humor. Most women prefer to talk to men with great sense of humor rather than those serious and boring guys. Be the one that every woman wants to talk to. Be funny and witty but do not overdo it, you might end getting slapped.


  • Plan what your conversation starters are. If you are going to talk to someone you must first know what to say to her. You cannot just approach her and be like ‘hi, what is your name?’ that would be very creepy. Instead, try the usual, Hi, can I borrow a pen or lighter?’ and then let the conversation grow. Maintain eye contact but do not stare long enough that it would start to creep her out. Start casually and keep it simple.


  • If she is with some people, like a group of friends, approach her anyway. People, especially women, like to do things with someone. Like when going to the bathroom, they go by two’s or by three’s. You should expect that you have to meet her friend as well if you are going to introduce yourself to her. So it is either you have to be really confident in front of them, or really be awkward. It’s your choice.


  • Be confident. Confidence is everything when meeting a really attractive woman. She will be able to sense insecurity in a split second if you would let it out. There is something that is called the 3 second rule. Simply put you have to approach a woman that you want in 3 seconds. The reason is the longer you wait the more you will talk yourself out of it and end up loosing the girl .
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How to approach women confidently?

To be able to approach women more confidently, you should be able to take away your fear and anxiety. Erase all the fear of being rejected, being laughed at or being misunderstood. It is all about how you carry yourself while talking to women. So what if she rejected you? It just means that she is not interested or she does not get your humor, why would you date someone like that? Do not make yourself be worried about things that are yet to be seen or discovered. Let your conversations grow and let it all be.

One piece of advice would be: to select women very carefully before you approach or talk to them. You might want to look for the women that are your type than landing on the bed of a wrong one. Observe them first before approaching. Would you want to date a slut? Of course not. Would you want to date an alcoholic? Definitely not. So choose who best fits your type and then move forward.



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