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How to Attract Women


All About How to attract women

 First: Be comfortable with yourself.

If you are not comfortable with yourself then how would the woman be comfortable when she is with you? If you are not confident about your stance, your clothing, your hair, your face, everything then how would she feel confident about you? Think of this as the more your love for yourself, the more she will be attracted to you. Nobody would want to date someone who is very shy and very negative about himself. Be proud of what you have and who you are.

Tips on How to Approach Women

Tips on How to approach women

approach womenBe it in a club or in a subway or in a coffee shop, these steps would surely make you approachable around women and easy to talk to.

Smile, this is a very common thing to do; it even works even if you are not looking for a date. Always smile when you approach women. You should not forget to smile in order to let women know that you are glad to see them or to even talk to them. People never notice the mean face that they carry around. Women are very much insecure, so if you are walking around with a serious face she may think that you are not interested. You need to always crack a smile when you see a woman. This will let her know that you are open to conversation.

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