Shocking New Techniques That Make any Woman Want You Bad

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Believe it or not! Seducing a woman is all about your confidence and how you’re going to approach her. Those are the key elements of successful seduction. It is all about showing your ultimate passion about her.

The Stepping Stone

The right words are the first stepping stone of seducing a woman. Carefully select the right words to think of her in certain ways so that she can move ahead with you. The right words and a pleasant appearance are the key factor. Wear something that’s best fitted you and don’t overuse your cologne. Keep in mind that, the first step of seducing a woman is nothing but gaining her confidence.



Seduction is an Art

Think like an artist. Like other arts –painting, sculpture, music; seduction is an art and the finest artist can do the thing perfectly. Be patient and proactive. Keep in mind that – this is not a rush job. Like other arts you’ve to pay enough time to see the final result. Don’t be a lame and watch how she speaks with her body language and respond according to that. You must notice her signs, body language and her special words. Never lose your eye contact from her eye and speak with her by holding the eye contact. The rule of thumb is success is nothing but grabbing the right signal and responding to it accordingly.

Dominate Her Mind

The second and most important part is mind domination. It is proved that seduction is possible without touching her. Keep in mind that, seduction is a mind game also. Attract her with your silly jokes, stories, and laugh with her and share interesting experiences. Never discuss any controversial topics like politics!

Now gradually move forward and create a combination of curiosity and fun that finally ended up with sexual feelings. This is all about playing and stimulating her with her mind.

Don’t be a “Good” Idiot

If you only meet her for sexual relations then you must be very clear from the beginning. Don’t wear a mask that shows you like a good guy looking for a wife or girlfriend. It is not about morals! It helps you to be problem free for the long term. You and her will  never accuse each other of anything about the relationship in any stage if both of you keep things simple and clear.

Don’t Be Cheap

Buying costly gifts with hundreds and thousands of dollars is not a good idea to impress her. On the other hand, going very cheap is another Very Very “BAD” move. Say “NO-NO” to cheap restaurants, cheap gifts and clothes. Always remember, a nice looking cake and a bunch of candles can work perfectly on her birthday. Small, good looking and mind blowing gift is your target.

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Never Follow the Crowd

Again! Public places like – library and restaurants is not the right place for seduction and neither is your college locker room or office. You have to spend quality time with her to melt her heart. Last but not the least, your seductive body language tells volumes about what you can do. A woman can read your mind in a fraction of a second. Your seductive body language must be noticed by her to see the final results. Before you know it you will have your woman in your bed with you.



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