Learn the #1 “trick” to Getting 9’s and 10’s to Want You

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Finding true love is difficult for many people. The main reason of it is, the entire matter is complex and combination of – physiological and physical affections, matching and behavioral approaches. You can see, an ugly looking, dumb guy with criminal background have a girlfriend where a good looking, handsome guy is completely zero about dating and love. So, the best way to reveal the mystery behind it is – take a closer look of your entire approach while you’re dating with a girl –

Don’t Underestimate Flirting

Flirting is a powerful weapon that surely helps you to win the race. Don’t be so bold! Hold her hand and say – “I Love You”. Rather use your smile and some brilliant ways to show your interest and affection. Never forget to make honest remarks. Keep in mind that, girls are conscious, sensitive and of course nobody likes a liar!

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Gather Some Information about Her

“Everything is fair in love and war” and the golden rule of any war is gathering information about your enemy. It is equally true in love. Gathering information will help you to understand her nature, her background, her likes and dislikes. For that, you need not to hire a private investigator! Her friends and friend of friends can provide you enough information.

Pay Close Attention to Details

This is the most important part of your dating and the third block of building your relationship. No matter whether it is her favorite restaurant, food, color, drink, perfume or anything! Pay enough and close attention to small details. So that she can understand you’re an organized person.


Don’t be so Easy

The successful player never shows all of his cards! Be interesting all the time, no matter what. The bottom line is that women want to be entertained. When you get started with a chick you have to be interesting to her, you have to be that sexy mystery that she wants to solve. Make something inside you that keeps her interested for a life long journey. Don’t open yourself so that she can read you. This may cause other problems for you. Don’t express your feeling immediately because it appears to be fake. Women do not want that nice guy, they do not want to know everything about you, these things will make you look desperate and weak. If you are a strong guy who knows what he wants, it makes you Casanova, and that is what they want, that is their own personal Casanova. Rather keep your personal experiences secret and listen to her carefully and build on exploits that she shares with you. Your aim is – not disclosing yourself right now, you have to know her first.

Use Your Brain

Everything is not written in a manual. Use your brain and ask yourself about what to do in the odd situations where nobody is going to help you.

Don’t Make any Foul Play

Be a nice and honest player. Never ever play any foul games that may cause serious rejections. Again, be honest, play your best game. Express your feelings with your words, smile and body language. If she has friends, don’t be dumb and be friend with her friends. Always remember, when you meet her friends you must be extremely careful. Because she is judging you on behalf of her. Any wrong comment or behavior can make a bad impact on your relationship and create complications.

Finally, never ever speak about your breakups and related bad experiences. Many people use it as an emotional tool, but the truth is – it has long term side effects! In an odd moment – she can tell you – you never forgot your “EX”. So, keep silent about your bitter experience and move ahead.

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Scoring 9’s and 10’s in love is not a big deal. Keep your eyes open, use your brain and change your approach and see the magic.



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