Discover the Secrets Used by Men Who Effortlessly Attract Women

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Do you feel embarrassed when you meet a new girl? Your dates end up with a broken heart? a thank you and a smile! Well, that means you have some problems. Don’t worry, you’ve a perfect candidate with a healthy. The problems persist in your behavior and your approaching style. Did you ever notice that, an ugly looking, small paying and not so handsome guy has a girlfriend? Yes! The reason behind it is – he knows the tricks about how to attract a woman.

Your Personality

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Your personality is the key factor that plays the vital role in the entire process. Woman likes the cool and confident man. A woman likes her man with attitude, well groomed, self confident and well mannered. You must be a good listener and take an active part of her conversations. These two important things will help you to understand her needs, her feelings and this is the point where you have to engage her mind. You see once you got a woman’s mind you got her.

Likes Attract Likes

Don’t be a lame and find a common interest in facts that both of you like. Even if your girl is a nerd chances are she wants to be with a cool guy. Be the guy that she fantasizes about. Exchanging information, sharing knowledge and exchanging opinions is not only good in college and universities, it also has a great impact in your personal life. You want to keep your girl on her toes. Now when I say your girl thats just what I mean. When you go after a girl that’s how you have to think, that she will be yours.

Eye Contact

It is really playing a significant role in love. Simple eye contact can speak thousands of words without speaking anything! Your passion, your love and affection simply reflects in your eyes. When you make eye-to eye contact, like a mirror, she can see through you. Eye-to-eye contact is a great tool to grab her attention. You must look in her eyes with confidence so that she can understand that she can depend on you!

Be a Mr. Dependable

She likes her man to be somebody that she can trust. Be transparent and precise with your words. From the very beginning – you must be clear to her with your intention and she must understand that she is more than a friend to you. This right here is big, let her know that she is your romantic interest in order to avoid being shoved into that dreaded friend zone or becoming her personal doormat. “No Best Friend” or “Best Friend”. In fact, good and healthy relationships start with trust and friendship. But keep in mind that, you must go beyond the friendship fast and quick. Until she can trust you – you can’t attract her, or rather better to say, she will never come to you!

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A Little bit of Show off

Did you ever notice that woman like men who have higher social status than her? Well, this is true. Your body language, your overall appearance, clothing – everything must reflect that you’ve higher social status than her. She wants a daddy, literally. That is every woman’s fantasy. You have to portray a man of power in order for her to submit to you.

Finally, keep in mind that, nobody is perfect – neither you nor she! There is no perfect man or woman in the world. So, don’t keep your eyes on her turn offs, she always tries to show her assets. So, don’t bother about her imperfections and appreciate and see the results.

Attracting woman is not a hard job, it is all about taking note about her basic psychology and digging into her  mind. Remember, practice makes a man perfect and keep trying!



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