Covert Methods for Attracting Women That Dating Experts Want Banned


You’re reading this article because you don’t have significant success regarding woman in the last few years and now you’re looking for something that is really effective. Your multiple failures force you to believe in “mumbo- jumbo” or “scientific superstitions” like covert hypnosis, fraction hypnosis and many more…

But believe it or not – they are really idiotic and make you fool! Yes! Hypnosis is a method used by the psychiatrists to heal people and it requires a high level of knowledge about human psychology and practice. Keep in mind that, like other medical practitioners, psychologists also doing their medical course and hypnosis is a part of their course! Common people, like me and you can not even crack the hypnosis subject itself!

This article is not intended to humiliate the hypnosis process or making question about the process or its results – rather it is a gentle caution that helps you to stay away from fraud and “so-called” love gurus.

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Covert Methods for Attracting Women That Dating Experts Want BannedPractically speaking – here the “covert method” refers the hidden and blind lane of woman’s mind and its mind map. Once you have a proper guide and map, you can travel anywhere and reach the destination without any problem.

Well, you need not worry! Here are some mind maps of women that help you to your success in your next dating adventure. More precisely, covert methods are nothing but a set of psychological methods to dominate the woman’s mind, attract them and seduce them.

Be Noticeable in the Crowd

It never means that, you have to be loud within the crowd or something say funny that makes you a joker! The fact is, your behavior, your personality, your comments on social aspects must pull the crowd towards you. Never mess up it with so-called “Peacock” or something similar. You must be different in the crowd.

Be a Man

Like a man, never expose your emotion in front of her, at least from the beginning of the relationship. Rather, establish an emotional hook with her and force her to depend on you. Harsh, but true – women’s are emotional creatures and you must take advantage of that.

Strength – Weakness – Threat –Opportunities (SWOT)

You must be intelligent and tricky. Highlight your strength and hide your weakness. No matter whether it is related to your family, about you or your weakness about her. Keep in mind that, once she knows your weakness about her, from the next moment she tries to exploit the weakness. So, be careful and avoid the possible threats. Lastly, find the all possible opportunities no matter whether it is a social gathering, date, watching a movie or theater anything….

 Role Reversal

This is the most critical and problematic part of your success to attract woman. Possibly, this is the most powerful covert method that works magically. In this method, you’ve to reverse the role. That means, change your role, such a manner that – it appears, you’re not chasing her, rather she chases you!

Caution – Never try it, without proper guidance. It can attract women magically and alternatively ruin your entire effort. Use it at your own risk.

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