7 Subtle Mistakes Men Make


The Tao of Badass – 7 Subtle Mistakes Men

Make – Joshua Pellicer

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Three Secret Tests Women Use

You have to stop a woman in her tracks when she gives you a compliance test. This is where women ask you to do something like buy them a drink just to see if they can get you to do it. Never comply with these request because she is only testing you out to see if she can control you. Instead of complying do some playful negotiations with her. Tell her to make you smile in order for her to get her drink. The congruence test is when she tries to insult you to see what you will do about it. Just ignore her and make her feel silly buy how you ignored her insult. Just pretend like she never said a word. You are the man so you need to plow through her nonsense. When a woman tries to lead in the beginning this is a gender role test. Don’t challenge her verbal cues, instead use dominate body language and movements. Keep your head up at all times and don’t cross your arms because that shows that you feel confronted.

7 Subtle Mistakes Men Make

  1. Being needy. This is when you show to much interest and treat the girl like she is the only girl in the world. You show the girl that you have a desperate outcome that you want to happen. For example, get her number.
  2. Giving to much positive body language. Do not face your body toward a woman when you are interacting with them. Make sure that you do not lean into her space. She will read this body language as you crowding her space and your being needy. The puts her in the run and you in the chase position. Get it, most guys are always chasing women because of this, while some guys just chile out and the women come to them. Turn away from here every 30 sec or so and turn back to her and smile.
  3. Not touching enough. This will put you in the friend zone. If you are not touching a girl you are not arousing sexual tension in her but the next guy will. She will look at you as a friend and if you try to touch her later on she will get weirded out. Once you start an interaction with a woman you have to playfully touch her often in order to establish both your and her sexual interest.
  4. Buying time for attention. When you do something nice for a woman in order to get something back. Women can sense this and it makes them think that you are weird.
  5. Creating an imaginary relationship. This makes you seem desperate because you act different around the girl because subconsciously you will be acting desperate instead of playful around her.
  6. The final two can be found here.




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